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Jual Meteran Yamayo Million 50m murah

  • Jual Meteran Yamayo Million 50m murah


Harga : Rp100.000(Nego)
Tipe : Jual
Tanggal : 15 Juli 2021
Kondisi : Baru
Lokasi : jalan H Kelik No.20 Kelapa Dua KEbon Jeruk Jakarta Barat

Meteran Roll Yamayo Million Open 50m


* POWER assured through an inner core of glass fiber and an extremely hard protective coating of Poly Vinyl Chloride. Breaking point more than 2 meter, 000 N.

* Superior Durability.

* Resistant to weather.

* The accuracy is almost comparable with what is on conventional steel tape measure. Tolerance in the Million TAPE: in ( + -) 5mm 30 meters inches long.

* Legibility is perfect as all the signs are printed in ultraviolet ink-permeating fixation. Thus, the signs will be hard to lose for years.

* NON-conductive tape blade is made of two materials do not render the meter where the electric drive is very secure from risk. Dielectric strength meter has been evidenced in which the strength 200, 000 V / m

* Design, through long experience in the field of our own, making a series of tapes Million a wise choice for you.

* Easy to clean. Specifications:

* Length: 50m / 50m.

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dll Info Harga stok dan info lainya hubungi 082217294199

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